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Sri Maha Hanuman Swami

“Chandrabam charanatha vindha yugalam gowbeenam mounchedaram

Balam sonitha tharam thrikuda vathanam yagnopa veethanchanam!

Hasthabyam anjalishputam aaravali kundalam pasyath

Lamba sikam Sri vayu puthram bajeth!! “

The above beautiful Sanskrit Dhayana Slokam (poem) is specific to Sri Hanuman at Namakkal. The meaning of the above Slokam is as follows:

“Sri Hanuman’s face is shining like moon! His feet are just like fresh lotuses! He is wearing a short golden dress and deer’s skin in hip (resembles his scared divinity)! He wears Yagnopa Veetham (Cotton thread circles left shoulder and hip which looks like a cross belt (This is a symbol of scared Vaishnava)! His hands are clubbed with obedience! He wears big golden ear rings which is moving east to west! He has a long sikhai (Hair is properly combed and tied at the back side neck (This is one of the symbols of scared Vaishnava)! With all the above mentioned qualities, Sri Hanuman stands in sacred lotus! I pray this Hanuman who is son of Vayu (Demigod responsible for controlling Air)!!

Sri Hanuman is the Leader of the entire disciple Vaishnavas; The great devotee of Lord Sri Ram, Powerful Knight of Monkey Army, Key person of the great epic Ramayana.

While Lord Sri Ram decided to go back to his divine world Sri Vaikunda; the spiritual and eternal world; where there is neither old age nor death, He invited Sri Hanuman also. But, Sri Hanuman liked to live in this world by remembering Lord Sri Ram forEver. Then, Lord Sri Ram blessed Sri Hanuman to be “Siranjeeve” (unlimited lifetime and hence, no death). Also, he ordered Sri Hanuman to guide this world towards spiritual thoughts, save truth and devotees, help the Vaishnavas from all the problems.

Hanuman left Ayothya and remembered the blissful order of Lord Sri Narashimha Deva (refer Namakkal Puranam). He reached Namagiri Shetram (divine place, which is now called as Namakkal). Sri Hanuman was eager to get Dharsan of Lord Sri Narashimha Deva. But Lord is in the cave temple located middle of the Namakkal hill. Hence, Sri Hanuman raised his height slowly, and had Dharsan of lotus feet of Lord Sri Narashimha Deva. Since, Sri Hanuman was satisfied with Dharsan of Lord Narashimha feet, he stopped his growth and staying in Namakkal with the same gigantic figure. He is doing services to Lord Sri Narashimha Deva for ever in Namakkal.

It is amazing to see the Sri Hanuman’s eyes, which is very straight to Lord Sri Narashimha Deva’s foot. You could verify the same when you come to Namakkal temple.

Sri Hanuman is having the primary respect and responsibility at Lord’s service. Whenever Lord Sri Narashimha comes out of temple for festivals, Sri Hanuman goes in front by facing Lord and offering obedience’s. Just like Lord Brahma host the car festival of Lord Sri Venkateswara at Thirupathi, in this temple, Sri Hanuman hosts all the festivals in Namakkal. Even in car festival of Lord, Sri Hanuman’s car is going on the streets in front of Lord’s car. Being a sacred Vaishnava, Sri Hanuman receives the first respect in all the festivals.

Look at Sri Hanuman, the wonderful gigantic figure; with Big and beautiful eyes; Curved eyebrows and Lengthy ears; Wide mouth and Bulged chin; Broad Chest and Muscular Shoulders; It’s divine look of Sri Hanuman standing on big sacred lotus.

In this temple, Lord Sri Hanuman is called as “ Narashimha Bhaktha Hanuman “ means “ Divine Devotee of Lord Sri Narashimha “. His hands folded with obedience, his tail placed on top of his head resembling obedience, and Sri Hanuman always chants the holy names of Lord Sri Hari with his Japa Mala ( A garland prepared with herbs used for counting ).

Sri Hanuman played a vital role in Lord Sri Rama’s kingdom. He had served Lord Sri Ram in all the ways, as a servant in personal life, as a Minister in political operations, as a knight in his military and etc., Hence, he decorated himself with silk cloths, gold and diamond ornaments and short sword suitable to all his roles and responsibilities. With the same dresses, jewels and decorations, Sri Hanuman came to Namakkal and serving the Lord Sri Narashima.

You could realize this by having Dharsan of Sri Hanuman in this temple. Sri Hanuman is decorated with golden Crown; big diamond Earrings, lengthy gold Garlands and Chains; Fingers decorated with rings; wrists decorated ornaments; Hip covered with golden belt; a short curved sword in right hand side of hip; ankles clubbed with gold rings; such a nice huge and beautiful deity of Sri Hanuman, we couldn’t see anywhere in this world.

One more specialty of this temple is as follows: Lord Sri Hanuman don’t like roof over him, would like to stay in open sky. In past centuries, many people tried many times to build roof for Sri Hanuman, but Lord Hanuman didn’t accept it. For one of the devotees, in dream, Sri Hanuman declared as follows: “My supreme master Lord Sri Narashimha stays inside cave. There is no roof for him as Hill is the natural roof by itself. Since, my master doesn’t have the roof, I don’t want to stay under the roof. Let me live in open sky and do the service for Lord Narashimha for ever”.

Pallava kingdom built many halls, compound walls and numerous stone sculptures in this temple, but couldn’t build a roof for Sri Hanuman. This is the proof that Lord Sri Hanuman didn’t allow to build a roof for him. Even ten years before, temple renovation completed with huge budget, but the square portion of where Sri Hanuman stands, left for open sky.

Devotees comes day and night and do worship to Sri Hanuman in all aspects. With the great Anugraham of Lord Hanuman, they get relief for all the problems. Devotees surrender to Sri Hanuman, who always takes care of his devotees with special attachment.

Devotees are coming from all over the World to have Dharsan of this temple. Devotees offer sacred tulasi garlands, sweet-scented betel garlands and flower garlands for decorating Sri Hanuman. Devotees offer milk, ghee, honey, sugar and nuts with full of devotion.

Every night, garlands are removed from Sri Hanuman and placed in the corner of the temple. You could see the collected garlands to a small hill height.

On Sri Hanuman’s birthday, New Year day and special sacred days and festivals, this temple will be filled with numerous devotees, garlands, offering, prayers etc.,

Worship Sri Hanuman at Namakkal, the sacred Vaishnava and great devotee of Lord Sri Narashimha, fulfill all your wishes.

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