Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hanuman Mantra

When one has had the great misfortune to have lost something, one can chant the following mantra to reclaim that object:

This mantra was chanted by Hanuman to reclaim Sitadevi from the hands of Ravanasura.

To gain its siddhi one lakha is required but the effect is there just even by chanting this mantra thrice.

namo 'stu ramya salaksamanaya

devyai ca tasyai janak atmajayai

namo stu rudendra yama anilebhyo

namo stu candraya marud ganebhyah


Anonymous said...

|| Shri Hanumantaay Namah: ||

Thanks for this informational Site.
There are numerous Hanuman Mantras, and it is important to chant all of them, especially the great Hanuman Chalisa. Double Thanks!

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YouRs SinCereLy M!sTer CrippLeD SaM

anvidh k said...

Jai Sree Ram.It is believed that reciting hanuman chalisa is very powerful as it helps reduce the effects of Sade Sati, and also bring good health and prosperity.

Jyothi Sree said...

Jai Hanuman.Hi Friends,
I think "HANUMAN JI" is most powerful god in universe.
I pray to "HANUMAN JI" for long and happy life of every good person in world.
Reading hanuman chalisa will give you success.