Monday, January 7, 2008


The Power of Ra:ma Na:ma

Sri: Ra:ma is the Lord Himself, who decided to take the form of a human being
with His Consort Sri: on this Earth to establish the conduct of a good human being as
explained in the Ve:das as ‘good practices combined with good knowledge’. Many of His
servants and devotees were born as human beings and monkeys. All of them showed us
how to lead our lives in a happy way and at the same time, striving to bring happiness to the
society. Ra:ma and His subjects showed us how the true goal of life can be attained while
leading common life.
In the celestial abode called Bramhalo:ka, Sri:mad Ra:ma:yana consists of it
seems one hundred crores of slo:kas. However, the demi-gods decided that it should be
brought down to earth in a more concise form such that its wisdom could be made available
to all human beings. For that purpose, Na:rada came to earth seeking out a suitable person
to take upon this task.
He found that Va:lmi:ki had attained enlightenment by chanting the Holy name of
Ra:ma, but did not know who Ra:ma was. When Na:rada approached him, he found that
Va:lmi:ki was depressed for not knowing who Ra:ma was. Va:lmi:ki asked Na:rada -
thapasswa:dhya:ya niratham
thapaswi: va:gvida:m varam |
na:radam paripaprachcha
va:lmi:kir muni pungavam ||
This became the first slo:kam of Sri: Ra:ma:yana. The first hundred slo:kas contain
the whole story of Sri:Ra:ma:yana as revealed by Na:rada to Va:lmi:ki.
Buddhi or common sense is an important instrument that guides a man’s decisions
in selecting the good and eliminating the bad. If it has to work perfectly it should be freed
from the domination of ‘rajas’ and ‘thamas’. Sage Va:lmi:ki attained a crystal clear ‘buddhi’
because of the incessant chanting of the holy name of Ra:ma.
The two letters in the word ‘Ra:ma’ are very powerful. The first letter ‘Ra’, like a
holy fire, burns false ego, known as ahamka:ra, and also false attachment, known as
mamaka:ra. The letter ‘ma’ enables one to attain the all pervasive, supreme happiness, the
Lord Himself. Constant chanting of the name ‘Ra:ma’, blessed Va:lmi:ki with the correct
vision to experience the Lord in himself and in every thing else. He was able to feel the bliss
through this holy name. But, he was still dissatisfied as he eagerly wished to know ‘who
Ra:ma was?’, so that, he could share the true power of this Manthra with the entire world!
Jai Srimannarayana !

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